The action took place at a special called board meeting, superseding a “no endorsement” decision made at the Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention last month.

  “In the last few weeks, Beto O’Rourke has crisscrossed the state, talking to our members and answering tough questions about where he stands on key issues for working people,” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “His answers to those questions, as well as his strong labor voting record, have demonstrated that he shares our priorities and values. We believe those priorities and values will inform his service as a U.S. Senator.”

  “Our message to Texas elected officials and candidates is this: When you fight for working families, as Beto O’Rourke has done, we will fight for you. When through your deeds and words you attack working people, immigrants, women, senior citizens, veterans or our communities, as Ted Cruz has consistently done, we will oppose you at every turn.”


The Texas AFL-CIO COPE is the political arm of the Texas AFL-CIO, a state labor federation consisting of 237,000 affiliated union members who advocate for working families in Texas.