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Weekly Labor Update on the 87th Texas Legislature.
Weekly Labor Update on the 87th Texas Legislature
Weekly Labor Update on the 87th Texas Legislature - The ULLCO Sentinel is a newsletter of the Texas AFL-CIO covering labor-related issues involving the Texas Legislature.

The Texas AFL-CIO officers and staff love bookstores, but of all the bookstores in Texas, our clear favorite is BookPeople, the renowned independent book seller in Austin.

At long last, a broad cross-section of America is saying, again and again, "We are in this together." Unions have long known that when we speak together and act together with one voice, we gain power. As working people heed warnings based on science, we all gain power to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Via "Daily Email News" from Texas AFL-CIO Communications Director - Ed Sills

The primary elections yesterday produced strong results for COPE-endorsed candidates in Democratic primaries. Working families honored the COPE theme of "Rise Up! All In!" often in victory, sometimes in "to be continued" runoffs, and a few times in defeat.

In Texas, the two major political parties – Democratic and Republican – hold primary elections to decide who will represent them on Election Day in November. The November “General Election” decides who gets to hold office.
An Austin printer has been newly certified for the Texas Allied Printing Trades list. Brother Frank Monreal, President of the Council and Executive Vice President of the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, reports working people at Horizon Printing have joined Local 4535m of the union.
A union bug is a distinctive label, mark or emblem that tells us union-represented working people have manufactured a quality product. Printers have used them at least since 1891.
The Texas AFL-CIO welcomes two "Fellows" who will work with us in the coming months to build power for working families.
Ben Nakhaima is working with us in collaboration with the Blue Leadership Collaborative, which trains talented Texans to be campaign managers in the 2020 cycle and beyond.