We Love BookPeople. The Only Unionized, Texas Bookstore.

The Texas AFL-CIO officers and staff love bookstores, but of all the bookstores in Texas, our clear favorite is BookPeople, the renowned independent book seller in Austin.

Why the friendly bias? It’s not just because of the wonderfully curated selection of books, gifts, games and toys, magazines and other paraphernalia that encourage literacy. It’s not just because of the parade of literary titans who sign books at the store, a roster that has included the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Ray Bradbury, Isabel Allende, Stephen King and many, many others.  (We miss book signings!)

It’s because the working people who give the store its personality are members of the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 277. That makes BookPeople the only unionized bookstore in Texas.  

Let’s read in solidarity with OPEIU 277.

Like other retail businesses across the U.S., BookPeople is closed to the public during the coronavirus pandemic. But unlike many of those businesses, BookPeople, working through its distributor, is still able to fulfill online orders on much of its inventory. The store will be good for products that are locked in its physical store whenever the doors open again.

As a matter of fact, books marked “out of stock” are most likely still available through the distributor, so if you are looking for current titles, chances are very good you will be able to obtain them within days.

We believe members of OPEIU 277 at BookPeople deserve to be kept busy. They will work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible.

All you have to do to get started is go to www.bookpeople.com. You’ll be greeted with a note explaining what we just said in more detail and you’ll have your pick from among thousands of titles.

Please support our union Brothers and Sisters at BookPeople as they join us in navigating these crazy times. Again, go to www.bookpeople.com and find your next reading adventure.