Labor-Backed Candidates Do Well in Municipal Runoffs

While the officers and staff of the Texas AFL-CIO were mainly focused on the end of the legislative session, the labor movement in Texas was also working hard on behalf of endorsed candidates in Saturday’s local runoff elections in major cities.

Central Labor Councils came through. Texas AFL-CIO Mobilization and Campaign Coordinator Lorraine Montemayor, who has done outstanding work strengthening connections between the state labor federation and Central Labor Councils, reports labor-backed candidates won 13 municipal contests as against four losses, one loss by a dually endorsed candidate and one election still ahead next week.

Working families are continuing to build muscle for upcoming general elections. Congratulations to each CLC on these strong results. Here is a rundown:

Dallas (Dallas AFL-CIO) — All three labor-backed runoff candidates for City Council won. They are: Jesse Moreno (District 2), Carolyn Arnold (District 4), and Adam Balzadua (District 7);

Fort Worth (Tarrant County Central Labor Council) — Labor’s endorsed candidate for Mayor, Deborah Peoples, went down to narrow defeat after a strong campaign, but labor voter turnout operations helped bring other candidates across the finish line. These included Jared Williams in District 6 and Chris Nettles in District 8, each of whom defeated incumbents, along with Elizabeth Beck in District 9. (Some of you may recall Beck ran for a State Representative seat in 2020.);

Arlington (Tarrant County CLC) — Labor-backed mayoral candidate Jim Ross won comfortably. Diana Saleh lost in District 3;

Euless (Tarrant County CLC) — Labor-endorsed candidate Tika Paudel won in District 6;

Grand Prairie (Tarrant CLC) — Junior Ezeonu, running with labor’s endorsement, won the Place 8 at-large City Council seat;

San Antonio (San Antonio CLC) — Labor-backed winners included Jalen McKee-Rodriguez (District 2), Phyllis Viagran (District 3), Teri Castillo (District 5) and John Courage (District 9). In District 1, Roberto Treviño lost and in District 5, dual endorsee Rudy Lopez lost; 

El Paso (El Paso CLC) — Labor-backed Vanessa Betts was defeated in Place 5 in an El Paso school board contest; and

Beaumont (Sabine Area CLC) — The June 19 runoff for Mayor features labor-endorsed candidate Robin Mouton, a member of the Communications Workers of America. Early voting in that contest began today.