Change of Officers at Coastal Bend Central Labor Council Comes With a Story

The Texas AFL-CIO congratulates the new officers of the Coastal Bend Central Labor Council following a recent change in leadership that bears some discussion.

Kristie Veit, who among many important roles in the Texas labor movement is the daughter of former Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller, stepped aside after nearly four years as CLC President and will serve as Secretary-Treasurer with new President San Juan Garcia of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

In voluntarily stepping aside, Sister Veit continued a tradition in the Coastal Bend CLC in which rotation of the presidency has promoted leadership development. Among the highly regarded leaders who have led the council: Becky Moeller, Linda Bridges, Robert Shake, Mike Carranco and Ray McMurrey. All the leaders served the Texas labor movement in other capacities, and Veit is no exception. She has played central leadership roles on the Texas AFL-CIO Executive Board, in Communications Workers of America Local 6137 and in her community. 

Veit said the willingness of presidents to switch jobs with emerging leaders has strengthened the CLC.

"Our Labor Council has a long-standing tradition of sharing the leadership role," Veit said. "We are always working as a team, and it really shouldn't matter what role we are in."

With the changing roles, Veit said, "We end up with new lifeblood, and where would we be without that? Also, it helps eliminate burnout."

Veit said the move is not retirement. "I will be part of the labor movement as long as the labor movement will have me," she said.

Veit praised Brother Garcia as "someone who wholeheartedly gets the labor movement."