Austin Print Shop Newly Organizes With Teamsters

The recent Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention again highlighted for political candidates that if you want to distribute campaign literature at union events, the printed material must have a union bug.

While the business of printing has been in periodic flux from the time of the Gutenberg Bible, those who work in print shops continue the quest for a fair shot at better lives through unions. When we buy printing services, we insist on a bug (see the primer on "union bugs" in the next item) and when we recommend printers, we pass along the list of union printers maintained by the Texas Allied Printing Trades Council.

So we are delighted that an Austin printer has been newly certified for the Texas Allied Printing Trades list. Brother Frank Monreal, President of the Council and Executive Vice President of the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, reports working people at Horizon Printing have joined Local 4535m of the union.

Monreal said he and Negotiating Committee member Steven Castillo led the drive. The vote to unionize was 17-4, but in what Monreal says was an unprecedented development in his career, all 21 workers in the bargaining unit signed on with the union once the vote was final. A first contract was signed on Jan. 20.

Monreal said Horizon negotiated fairly and the contract delivers improvements, including three additional holidays, an increase in overtime pay, more work, and provisions for job security. Monreal said the job security portion of the contract was particularly important in light of past layoffs.

The Texas AFL-CIO congratulates the union Brothers and Sisters at Horizon Printing and the GCC/Teamsters local for helping build the labor movement in Texas.