7 Things for Working People to Watch in the Texas State Budget

Today, lawmakers in the State Capitol are spending all day adding and eliminating things from the state budget.

That means thousands of pages to read, hours and hours of debate, and most importantly, a number of key issues that get to the heart of our mission to give every worker in Texas a fair shot to get ahead. We need you to send your representative an email to remind them to make Texas working families a priority.

To save you time and keep you informed, we wanted to go ahead and share 7 key things for you to watch for in the State Capitol today that directly impact the lives of working people in Texas.

  1. Expanding Access to Healthcare: Every Texas family should be able to see a doctor without the fear of going bankrupt. That’s why we’re supporting efforts today to expand Medicaid in the state budget, which would provide access to health care for more than a million people around the state.
  2. Raising Wages: When Texans go to work, they should get paid a fair wage -- and one job should be enough! That's why we're supporting efforts today to mandate equal pay for equal work in state agencies, along with a proposal to ensure that the Texas Enterprise Fund is only used to fund jobs that pay $15 an hour or more. 
  3. Protecting Texas Jobs: Texas should stop helping corporations that ship Texas jobs overseas. That’s why we’re supporting efforts today that ban Texas Enterprise Fund resources from going to corporations that outsource Texas jobs.
  4. Protecting Public Schools: We need to fully fund our public schools and stop private vouchers that strip resources away to fund unaccountable charter schools. That’s why we’re supporting efforts today to increase transparency and shine a light on information about the students that private charter schools decide to not enroll.
  5. Expanding Child Care Services: We need to make it easier for students and workers to gain the skills and education they need to get a good-paying job. That’s why we’re supporting efforts today to expand access to child care services at public junior colleges and community colleges.
  6. Making it Easier to Vote: Our democracy works best when everyone participates. That’s why we’re supporting efforts today to fully fund same day voter registration if it passes in the legislature.
  7. Rebuilding Communities after Natural Disasters: We need to recover from natural disasters together and rebuild our communities the best we can. That’s why we’re supporting efforts today to expand access to affordable housing in areas like Nueces County affected by natural disasters. 

These are just a few of the policies that will help create a fair state budget that makes it easier for working people to live a good, dignified life right here in Texas.