Workers Vote to Unionize at Pilgrim’s Pride in Waco

The Texas AFL-CIO is celebrating the decision of workers at a Pilgrim’s Pride facility in Waco to speak up together through United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 540.

Workers at the plant voted overwhelmingly for representation by the union. The vote means the union and the company will negotiate a first contract covering pay, benefits and working conditions.

“Congratulations to workers at Pilgrim’s Pride for coming together to form a union in your workplace,” said Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar, who passed out handbills with organizers to support the union drive. “Your overwhelming vote will definitely make your lives better through higher wages, benefits, and a voice on the job. More than that, your courage and your solidarity will inspire workers across this state to stand up for their rights, too.”

“Congratulations also to UFCW. Polling shows tens of millions more workers in this country would join a union if they could, and UFCW organizers are making it possible for thousands of workers to do just that through their commitment to organizing in Texas. They are engaged in some of the toughest union organizing in some of the toughest places, and this victory shows that when workers fight anywhere, workers can win anywhere.”

It is especially appropriate this hard-won victory arrives in the middle of a national action week in which organized labor is working to pass the PRO Act (Protecting the Right to Organize),” Aguilar said. “The company in this case allowed the process to happen without interference and intimidation, and true labor law reform from Congress would afford millions more workers who want to join a union the means to do so without fear of reprisal.” 

“Today’s vote demonstrates again that the message that unions build livelihoods and promote solidarity is getting through to more workers.”