Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy issued this statement congratulating Lupe Valdez, the COPE-backed candidate, on winning the Democratic nomination for Governor: 

“Lupe Valdez believes in her heart in economic progress for all Texans. She is the antithesis of Gov. Greg Abbott and a Republican leadership that has placed wedge issues like private school vouchers, immigrant-bashing, “bathroom bills,” denial of health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Texans, and other proposals that rig the rules against working people at the center of Texas priorities.”

We are at a moment when a fighting union organization could kindle the imagination of millions of workers and inspire a new labor movement.

There is something fundamentally wrong with our economy. The rich keep getting richer while working people are working longer hours just to make ends meet. Despite year after year of increased productivity, we are not sharing in the fruits of our labor.

A strong manufacturing sector is essential to our nation’s economic success and to our ability to raise wages and provide family-supporting jobs. But decades of devastating trade policy and attacks on unions have taken their toll.