Workers Want to Join Unions; Congress Should Pass PRO Act to Give Them a Fair Shot

The Texas AFL-CIO joined state labor federations around the nation in endorsing the PRO Act, introduced in Congress today amid heightened interest by working people in speaking up together on the job.

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy and Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay issued this statement:

"The Texas economy benefits when working people have a fair shot at improving their lives by speaking up together on the job. By taking out decades of one-sided barriers to forming unions, the PRO Act would raise standards for all Texas working families."

"As the pandemic shines new light on how central workplace safety, job security and decent benefits are to working families, the popularity of labor unions has reached a generational high. But there is a gap between approval of unions (nearly two-thirds in the Gallup poll) and union membership (less than 11 percent nationally and less than 6 percent in Texas). A big part of that gap stems from major flaws in federal law that have allowed union busters to thrive."

"The PRO Act would restore meaning to our national goal, declared in federal law, of encouraging collective bargaining. Proposed reforms in the bill include elimination of so-called 'right to work' laws. The laws, which originated in Texas and stand as a relic to Jim Crow, go hand in hand with poverty wages, absence of key benefits, on-the-job discrimination, and lax worker safety."

"Americans voted for change on Nov. 3. It is time to give the legitimate desire of working people to join unions a fair shot. We call on Congress to pass the PRO Act so President Biden can sign it into law."