Texas State Employees Union Mourns the Loss of State Employee

We are saddened by last night's report of the death of a State Employee at the El Paso Psychiatric Center. Over the past several weeks, the Texas State Employees Union along with Several Elected Officials have reached out to Governor Abbott's office about the hardship's workers are currently facing with COVID-19, and common-sense solutions needed to keep the state functioning. Unfortunately, very little has been done to protect both Clients and Staff at State Supported Living Centers, State Hospitals and State Health Science Centers.

During the date of the initial correspondence to Governor Abbott on March 9th, 2020 there were no positive tests State-wide. On March 13th a State of Emergency was declared. As of today April 15th 2020, Health and Human Services has reported: 108 State Employees at State Supported Living Centers & State Hospitals have tested positive for COVID-19. This is on-top 120 confirmed cases among clients at these facilities.

The Texas State Employees Union, along with our allies are calling upon Governor Abbott to immediately test all frontline workers at State Supported living Centers, State Hospitals, and State Health Science Centers for COVID-19, as well as increase funding for additional staffing, and provide hazard duty pay for all state employees .

The spread of this virus will continue unless we take drastic steps to ensure our most vulnerable citizens and the thousands of dedicated women and men working on the frontlines are protected.