Texas Senate Takes Side of Low-Road Employers

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy and Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar roundly criticized SB 14, approved tentatively today by the Texas Senate, which would cut off the ability of local governments to set minimal standards affecting workplaces: 

“The Texas Senate today gave license to low-road employers to deny basic workplace benefits that make jobs safer, protect public health, and enable working people to support their families.”

“It’s bad enough the State of Texas affords next to nothing in such benefits unless the federal government insists. Under SB 14, construction workers would not get rest breaks in 100-degree weather, fair hiring ordinances would go away, and tens of thousands of working people would continue to face the terrible choice of whether to work sick and risk infecting others or whether to skip a paycheck. Anti-discrimination ordinances would again come under legal assault.”

“Amid a continuing pandemic and winter storms that idled millions of Texans, SB 14 short-circuits government that is closest to the people and, in service to ideology, champions businesses that refuse to adopt even the most minimally decent work standards.”