Texas Must Stop Scapegoating Immigrant Workers

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy and Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay today stood with immigration advocates, opposing a lawsuit filed by the State of Texas attempting to overturn President Joe Biden’s suspension of a broken Trump-era deportation machinery. Their statement:

“Texas must stop scapegoating immigrant workers.”

“Our state’s latest lawsuit seeking to continue a broken deportation machinery at the expense of immigrants is heartless.”

“After trying to overturn the duly expressed will of the people in an election — in other states, mind you — indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton, backed by Gov. Greg Abbott, has resumed an ongoing war on Dreamers, refugees from violence, and hard-working immigrants who they would consign to the recesses of the workforce. Having spent four years championing presidential power, Paxton now even boasts about resuming a constant, highly politicized quest for lawsuits against the federal government simply because voters spoke and chose a Democrat to lead the nation.”

“The Texas AFL-CIO stands with ALL workers. Until immigrant workers have a fair shot that protects their workplace rights instead of generating fear, all workers will suffer.”