Texas AFL-CIO: Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Is Right For Working People, Should Not Be Delayed

In response to a procedural order by the 3rdCourt of Appeals that delays implementation of Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance, Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy today issued the following statement:

The temporary restraining order holding up Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance cannot restrain the will of working people to achieve a decent policy that lets them earn the right to stay home when they or family members are sick.

Attorney General Ken Paxton and certain Texas businesses may pretend not to understand the obvious differences between wages and an earned option to take time off when one is sick. Hundreds of thousands of working people in Austin, however, know their predicament whenever they get sick harms not just them, but the health of their co-workers and communities.

The Texas AFL-CIO will continue to fight for a state government and a court system that understands the basic needs of working people.