Texas AFL-CIO Opposes Voter Suppression Bills

’Sore Winners’

The Texas AFL-CIO today called out Republican leadership efforts to approve bills that would have the effect of discouraging voting in Texas.

The United Labor Legislative Committee — the lobbying arm of organized labor in Texas — has opposed SB 7, HB 6 and other similar bills on tap for hearings. Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy and Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar’s statement:

“The record 2020 election turnout marked a high point for Texas resiliency in the pandemic. The Republican leadership’s response? The worst case of sore winners we have ever seen, in the form of a return to the Jim Crow era of trying to stifle ‘the wrong kind’ of voting.”

“On a false pretext, bills like SB 7 and HB 6 aim a cannon at a flea, with all the accompanying damage to the surroundings. Voter fraud in Texas is practically non-existent, except as a smokescreen hiding harm to eligible voters, threats of prosecution of pro-democracy voter turnout programs, and a license for the Attorney General to intimidate voters by threatening criminal charges.”

“The working families of the state labor federation will oppose any bills that tend to make voting harder for working people, especially historically disenfranchised people of color and people with disabilities. SB 7 and HB 6 are voter suppression, pure and simple.”

“We thank Sens. Royce West, José Menéndez, Beverly Powell, Sarah Eckhardt, and Roland Gutierrez for derailing today’s committee consideration of SB 7. This is a bill that deserves all the resistance at lawmakers’ command.”