Texas AFL-CIO Calls for Apologies, Probe in Bogus Voter Suppression Scheme

The Texas AFL-CIO today called on state leaders who suggested tens of thousands of voters might have cast ballots illegally to apologize and explain how an outrageous assault on voting rights took place.

"Gov. Greg Abbott, indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton and Secretary of State David Whitley need to apologize to those on the list and to the people of Texas whose money they wasted," Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay said amid reports that virtually all people on a list of supposedly suspect voters are being verified as citizens. "Our lawmakers, rather than make voting harder, should get to the bottom of this sorry episode to make sure it never happens again."

Garibay's sister, Julieta, showed up on the Travis County list. She is a naturalized citizen and a nationally known advocate for immigrants known as Dreamers.

"If all Texans are to have a fair shot at better lives, politicians who really don't want everyone to have a voice cannot be allowed to block their paths," Garibay said. "More than ever, the Texas AFL-CIO is committed to our Citizenship Drive program, which helps eligible residents apply for naturalization and keeps them informed about their rights as citizens."