Texas AFL-CIO Blasts Latest Voter Intimidation Effort

Garibay Makes Public Info Request: 'I Want to Know If I'm on This List!'

The Texas AFL-CIO today blasted the state for yet another in a long series of efforts by Texas statewide leaders designed to intimidate voters in Texas.

"It is personally offensive to me that Attorney General Paxton, Gov. Greg Abbott and others are trying to cast a shadow on my patriotism and my citizenship," said Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay, a naturalized citizen. "Directing counties to perform an additional voter eligibility check on tens of thousands of Texans without any plausible evidence of voter fraud is a partisan, fear-mongering effort to intimidate new voters."

"In fact, lo and behold, today a senator 'coincidentally' filed legislation to require proof of citizenship ahead of voter registration when voters already have to prove citizenship to vote," Garibay said.

Garibay prepared a Public Information Act request demanding to know if she is on the list put out by the Secretary of State.

"As the Texas Tribune has reported, the state's list covers many years. Virtually all the voters whose status is being newly questioned may well have been naturalized, making them eligible to vote," Garibay said. "Why should I have to re-prove my citizenship on the basis of this outdated fishing expedition?"

"The right to vote is a basic element of a fair shot for anyone in Texas. The Texas AFL-CIO will always fight to expand voting rights in our state, not suppress them."