Statement on Trump's Visit to Texas

The Texas AFL-CIO issued the following statement regarding Trump's visit to Texas:

“Donald Trump spent four years as President bringing out the worst in America. Now, he brings his circus of violence, con-men, and wanna-be dictators to the Texas-Mexico border for a final victory lap. Trump slandered immigrants, heartlessly separated families, and cost our nation lives and jobs by completely failing to meet the challenge of the pandemic. Trump’s capstone effort to overturn the results of his failed reelection would have ended American democracy as we know it.

“Trump’s visit to Texas insults working families in our state, especially those forced to choose between going to work to pay the bills and staying home to avoid Trump’s pandemic. His atrocious timing, less than a week after he gave aid and comfort to violent insurrectionists, amounts to a presidential middle-finger to working people and to border communities, First Responders, Black Texans, women and other all who value our democracy.”

“Texas elected leaders like Ken Paxton, Ted Cruz, and U.S. House members who voted to overturn the election results and appease domestic terrorists by standing with Trump to this day must be held accountable for their actions. The rest of us must rise above pure partisanship and speak up in defense of democracy.”

Oh, and P.S., anyone heard from our Governor?