Statement: Texas AFL-CIO Announces 2018 Field Program

Continuing on the success of their 2017 legislative issues door-to-door field program, the Texas AFL-CIO announced the launch of their 2018 Neighborhood Field Program. The program will knock on the doors of 10,310 registered voters in Fort Bend County, 30,709 registered voters in Harris County, 37,816 registered voters in Tarrant County, and 45,750 registered voters in Dallas County.

 “The number one thing we hear from our members and leaders around the state is that it is time for working people to build political power that is independent of any candidate, independent of any elected official, and independent of any political party. That’s why our Neighborhood Field Teams will knock on thousands of doors across Texas, to talk about the real economic issues that affect working families.  This program is about changing policies in our state to build power for working families by putting working families’ issue front and center in our political dialogue,” said Rick Levy, President of the Texas AFL-CIO.

The 2018 Texas AFL-CIO Neighborhood Field Program will knock on the doors of targeted voters three times between April and November, 2018. Door-to-door organizers will identify which issues would make the most difference in voters’ lives, including college affordability, improving construction worker pay and safety, equal pay for equal work, expanding healthcare for all, improving funding for neighborhood public schools, expanding access to paid sick and family leave, keeping local jobs from being shipped overseas, and ending hate and division in our politics. AFL-CIO organizers will then encourage voters to participate in local job fairs, town hall meetings, legislative advocacy trainings, and other community engagement efforts.

 “With less than a year until the next legislative session, it is imperative that we organize working people – union members, their family members, and non-union members alike – to mobilize and fight for a fair shot for every Texas family. That’s why, in addition to volunteer block-walk programs targeting tens of thousands of Texans in other parts of the state, our Neighborhood Field Team organizers will be knocking of the doors of these nearly 125,000 voters in North Texas and the Gulf Coast,” Levy concluded.