SB 29 Again Manufactures a Crisis That Does Not Exist

The Texas AFL-CIO today called for defeat of SB 29, a measure reminiscent of the infamous “bathroom bill” that would require public school students to participate in sports based on the gender listed on their birth certificates.

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy and Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar posted this statement: 

“Four years ago, the late Texas AFL-CIO President John Patrick led labor’s opposition to the ‘bathroom bill.’ He said, ‘Instead of focusing on good jobs, education, the safety of our children, health care and a crumbling infrastructure, this bill manufactures a crisis that does not exist.’”

“In 2021, we can say the same for SB 29, except now our state is also navigating a pandemic and the aftermath of deadly winter storms that exposed giant weaknesses in our energy grid. Why on earth are we doing this again? Why is SB 29 moving through the Senate as a top-level priority?”

“We have scoured this bill and can find nothing constructive in it: not a nickel for a single public school classroom; not a PPE, test or vaccine for an educator; nor a single upgrade to infrastructure, broadband access, or transparency and accountability for charter schools. SB 29 is not a public education bill. But it is, once again, a bill that will cost Texas dearly across the nation.”

“In the labor movement, we believe an injury to one is an injury to all and we teach our children to stand up to bullies. We stand again with the children who would be stigmatized by this bill and the LGBTQ community that is leading the fight against it.”

“Texas working families deserve leaders in Austin who will fight for real solutions to real problems, not a manufactured political controversy. Yet again, the people of Texas are better than this.”