Lorraine Montemayor Joins Texas AFL-CIO Staff

The Texas AFL-CIO is excited to welcome Lorraine Montemayor, an accomplished union leader and activist in Dallas, as our new Mobilization and Campaign Coordinator. The new position will be a critical component of building power for our 240,000 members in 2020 and beyond.   

Montemayor previously worked for Alliance American Federation of Teachers (Local 2260) as a Field Organizer and for the Dallas AFL-CIO as Political Coordinator. She helped lead a 2018 labor program that contributed mightily to election gains by union-backed candidates in Dallas County. She was a leader in the coalition that agitated successfully for an earned paid sick leave ordinance in Dallas. Montemayor is also a graduate of the Texas AFL-CIO’s Ruth Ellinger Labor Leaders School.

“I am elated that we will get to work with Lorraine Montemayor on a daily basis,” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “We are so excited to see her in action, expanding her amazing activism to the entire State of Texas. Lorraine understands not only what working people in this state face, but also what we need to do to build a movement where members fight together to improve our lives.” 

“I am so happy to become part of the outstanding team at the state labor federation,” Montemayor said, “and I look forward to working with the union community at large in Texas. By raising our voices together, working families have a historic opportunity for progress.”

A University of Iowa graduate, Montemayor comes from a migrant farm worker family. Her mother worked as a pecan sheller, worked in a unionized Levi’s plant and was a cafeteria worker in San Antonio and member of AFT. Her father became a naturalized citizen in the late 1980s. 

Montemayor will work with local central bodies and affiliates to organize and mobilize our members in politics, legislative advocacy and other campaign activities. Her duties will also include working with the next generation of labor leaders through Young Active Labor Leaders (YALL), the Ellinger School and labor’s Women’s Summit. 

Montemayor’s husband, Joe Montemayor, is Organizing Coordinator for the Texas State Employees Union/Communications Workers of America. They have a daughter, Lucia, age 10.