Labor Endorses Police Reform Bills

The Texas AFL-CIO has endorsed six policing reform bills that stem from misconduct in the deaths of George Floyd and so many others. 

“The ongoing run of tragic deaths and other mistreatment of persons of color at the hands of law officers must end,” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “The time for continued mourning and vague promises of reform is over. Texas needs to act.”

Levy said the state labor federation’s affiliated unions recognize that business as usual on the question of racism and police misconduct will just mean more of the same, imposing a terrible toll on people of color in our state.

“The labor movement’s job is to fight for ALL people who get up every day and go to work to live in dignity,” Levy said. “Working families cannot have a fair shot at better lives if they are subject to abusive treatment by anyone, including law enforcement, because of their race. We are proud to join with Rep. Senfronia Thompson and advocates for justice who have brought forward bills to create a new vision for public safety.” 

The United Labor Legislative Committee, a coalition of Texas AFL-CIO unions and allies that advocates for working families, voted unanimously today to endorse these bills by Rep. Thompson: 

HB 829 — Progressive disciplinary matrix for police officer misconduct in certain municipalities;

HB 830 — Practices with regard to fine-only misdemeanors;

HB 831 — Prohibiting choke-holds and other dangerous techniques as first resorts during arrests;

HB 832 — Duties and powers of peace officers;

HB 833 — Deescalation policies to avoid dangerous use of force; and

HB 834 — Corroboration requirements in undercover drug cases.