‘The End of the Quorum Break Is Not the End of the Struggle’: Fight for Working Families at Capitol Resumes

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy posted this statement on the return of a quorum to the Texas House:

“The purpose of this special session has never been to address the real issues facing millions of Texans. Because the agenda is set by the Governor, and as long as it is defined by his callous indifference to the real issues facing Texas families, nothing good can be expected to come from it.”

“Unfortunately, that agenda has not been to win the fight against the spread of COVID, to protect students and educators, or to fix the failing electric grid. Rather, the goal all along has been to attack our freedom to vote, to deprive local communities of the ability to protect the health of the folks who live there, and to bully Texas school kids and teachers. All, sadly, because Republican leadership is unwilling to put the pursuit of the common good over the pursuit of Republican primary votes.”

“In that light, we are disappointed to see a quorum being established today in the House. By their heroic struggle and sacrifice and by their refusal to yield, Texas House Democrats crystallized the stakes of this fight, and shined a light on our democracy for the world to see and made real progress towards congressional action on voting rights. Democrats have also prevented passage of these measures and inspired so many to resist as well.”

“The end of the quorum break is not the end of the struggle. It is just the next phase. The Texas AFL-CIO will continue to use every means at our disposal to fight for working Texans and for our democracy, and we will count on every member of the Legislature to join us in that fight.” 

The Texas AFL-CIO is the state labor federation consisting of 240,000 affiliated union members who advocate for working families in Texas.