Collective Bargaining for Houston Firefighters Upheld

City Should ‘Abandon a Dangerous Legal Strategy,’ Agree to Arbitration

  The Texas AFL-CIO and the Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation (ALF) hailed today’s 14th Court of Appeals ruling upholding the constitutionality of collective bargaining between the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association and the City of Houston. The ruling requires Houston to pay court costs to the union.   

  “Today’s appeals court ruling reinforces the need for the City of Houston to move past years of unwarranted delay and move promptly toward a fair contract through independent arbitration,” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “We also ask the city to abandon a dangerous legal strategy that is at odds with Houstonians’ support at the polls for firefighters and jeopardizes the ability of all First Responders in Texas to speak up together for better working conditions.”

  ALF President Lacy Wolf said, “Because no negotiations have taken place since 2017, Houston firefighters have suffered through stagnant pay and benefits, greatly harming working families at the fire department but also greatly harming all of Houston as experienced, capable firefighters leave for better working conditions in other jurisdictions.”

  “Today’s court victory affirming firefighters’ rights to collective bargaining marks a golden opportunity for the City of Houston to reconsider its stance and move toward a just resolution of an impasse that serves no one,” Wolf said. “It’s time to stop wasting time and taxpayer dollars.”