Attempted Coup an Unconscionable Assault on Democracy

Statement from Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy on the breach of the U.S. Capitol building:

The Texas labor movement condemns yesterday’s outright assault on our democracy, a seditious insurrection aided and abetted by officials who are sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Donald Trump, who will be gone from the White House soon, did not act alone. He was shamelessly and cynically enabled by the likes of Ted Cruz, Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott and several Texas Republicans in Congress. The overrunning of the Capitol is a natural result when politicians fan the flames of racism with lies and bogus conspiracies — not just over the last four weeks, but over the last four years. The coming days will shed light on how one of the most sacred halls in our country was breached, tearing at the heart of our nation’s peaceful transfer of power. We look forward to seeing everyone who had a hand in this historically awful moment held accountable, whether by criminal or political processes. For now, we make one thing clear: The Texas labor movement will fight like hell for our members and to protect our democracy.