Trump’s ‘Photo Opportunity’ in Texas Not Helping 800,000 Federal Workers

Texas AFL-CIO: Communities Everywhere Being Harmed

With President Trump in Texas today for a pointless “photo opportunity,” the Texas AFL-CIO called for a resolution of the nearly three-week government shutdown that is harming not just 800,000 federal workers, but the entire nation.

“By his own admission, President Trump has gone to the border for a ‘photo opportunity’ plotted by his advisors,” said Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy, who rallied with federal workers in Dallas. “Meanwhile, 800,000 federal workers are either on furlough or working without pay. This sounds like the plot of a cheap novel, but sadly, it is harming American communities across the nation.”

“Federal workers want to work,” said Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay, rallying with government workers in McAllen. “They should not be forced to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table because of a divisive fight over an unnecessary wall.”

In addition to the Dallas and McAllen rallies, unions have planned rallies in Three Rivers tomorrow and Houston on Tuesday. 

Bob Cash of the Texas Fair Trade Coalition dismissed any notion that the border wall should be connected to current negotiations for a revision of the NAFTA treaty. 

"Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 proposal generates no revenue whatsoever for his ridiculous border wall,” Cash said. “We oppose the wall and we oppose Donald Trump’s ongoing attempts to scapegoat immigrants and refugees. It’s time for politicians to stop pitting working people against one another, and to start supporting policies that improve working conditions and quality of life both at home and abroad.”