Rick Levy Inducted Into the 2021 Class of the Texas Labor Management Conference Hall of Fame

The Texas AFL-CIO is delighted over the news that our President, Rick Levy, has been inducted into the 2021 class of the Texas Labor Management Conference Hall of Fame.

The Labor Management Conference promotes the shared agenda between labor unions and high-road businesses in Texas, holding conferences to share ideas and proactively join in endeavors that jointly help working families and businesses prosper. The Conference continues to benefit from assistance by academics as well — a tradition inaugurated by former U.S. Labor Secretary Ray Marshall.

“Rick Levy’s induction into the Texas Labor Management Conference Hall of Fame recognizes the continuing good-faith work of the state labor federation in seeking out common ground with management,” Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar said. 

“The Conference stands for the proposition that businesses can profit and union workers can thrive at the same time. Rather than a zero-sum game, when managers and workers pull together, everyone does better. The Hall of Fame includes luminaries on both sides of the labor-management line who understand and practice the art of working together. We are proud that Rick has become part of that outstanding group.”

Walter L. Darr Jr., a Commissioner with the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service (FMCS) who chairs the Hall of Fame Committee of the Labor Management Conference, said, “As I had the opportunity to share during the 2021 Texas Labor Management Conference Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the work of an advocate is never easy and rarely glamorous. Rick Levy has been doing this difficult and unglamorous work tirelessly for many, many years. Rick’s induction into the Texas Labor Management Hall of Fame is a testament to the work he has done.”

The induction took place last week during the organization’s annual meeting, held virtually this year.