Mark Maldonado

Digital Strategist

Mark Maldonado is 2003 graduate of Texas A&M University and 2007 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law. Mark is a proud native Texan and has spent time organizing in San Francisco, El Paso, Beaumont, Houston and Austin. In his spare time he finds solace with his family, Otis Redding on vinyl, watching movies, and looking for that ever elusive best BBQ joint in Texas.

As a field and digital organizer, Mark has successfully developed member training programs, directed “issue-based” campaigns, identified and trained leaders, ran school board campaigns, designed game-changing graphics on local/state races, and effectively created state of the art communication systems to foster member activism and win campaigns. With a variety of digital platforms, he uses “social media to fuel social unrest” to help build local/state power, and drive creative, aggressive messaging for targeted audiences. From YouTube, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Action Network, he can cross-pollinate platforms using CRM integrations, to make our message and campaign message speak with one voice and achieve optimum viral potential.