Texas AFL-CIO Digital Strategist Moves to New Job

Texas AFL-CIO Digital Strategist Mark Maldonado has resigned from the Texas AFL-CIO to pursue a new opportunity, but not before having greatly expanded the state labor federation's online capacity.

"Mark significantly upgraded our movement's capabilities on social media and in our ability to communicate with tens of thousands of labor activists," Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. "Bringing great heart to the job, he developed new avenues for labor activists in our movement. We will miss Mark, but we are proud he developed a strong portfolio at the Texas AFL-CIO that served working people well."

Maldonado accepted a position at a global mobile messaging company that provides the backbone for powerful text message mobilization campaigns.

"As I prepare for this new role, I have come to realize just how fortunate I have been to be part of such a wonderful organization and team for the past five years," Maldonado said. "It has been a privilege to work alongside so many great activists, leaders and allies. I have been proud to work for a state federation that works relentlessly to build a bigger, bolder and broader Texas labor movement."

Maldonado inaugurated the Digital Strategist position. A job opening for a successor has been posted here: https://bit.ly/3sEiZmO