Levy, Garibay Re-Elected to Top Texas AFL-CIO Offices

Vow of 'Bigger, Broader, Bolder' Labor Movement

Signaling a "bigger, broader, bolder" agenda for Texas working families, Texas AFL-CIO delegates re-elected Rick Levy as President and Montserrat Garibay as Secretary-Treasurer.

The election to four-year terms took place by acclamation during a three-day 60th Texas AFL-CIO Convention held at the unionized Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Antonio.

"Texas is not an anti-union state," Levy said. "Texas is an unorganized state. In an era of historic-level income inequality and constant billionaire-led attacks on the ability of working families to speak up together, the state labor federation has a bigger, broader, bolder agenda to build power for working families. Our Fair Shot agenda is right for working people, right for Texas and long overdue."

In thanking delegates for their vote of confidence, Levy and Garibay cited new Texas AFL-CIO programs established or elevated in their first two years in office to help eligible Texas residents become naturalized citizens, to lift up unions that organize low-wage workers, to build power for young workers, and to train future labor leaders as examples of change within the Texas labor movement.

"This is not your mother's labor movement," said Garibay. "The Texas AFL-CIO will advocate for all working families, including immigrant families who are being scapegoated in Washington, D.C. and disrespected in Texas. We are sending the message out: If your work does not afford you a full measure of dignity, whoever you are, the Texas AFL-CIO will fight actively to build your voice."

The Convention featured speeches by national labor leaders, panels on building power, workshops on key labor topics and networking of top labor activists from across the state. Delegates also adopted 14 resolutions on important workplace topics. The Texas AFL-CIO will hold its COPE Convention, which includes candidate endorsements and preparation for the 2020 election, in January.