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For really serious study, the labor history archives on the top floor of the librar

“Solidarity Brother” Tevita Uhatafe was interviewed on national television as he visited yet another American picket line.

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Millions of undocumented immigrants, who are vital to our economic recovery, still live in fear because of our outdated and inhumane immigration system. It’s time to put an end to this injustice. Tell your senators to pass a budget that includes a broad pathway to citizenship.

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 Volunteer soldiers are needed as labor’s battles heat up. Become a rapid responder with Dallas AFL-CIO by clicking here. Solidarity is helping create  improved contracts for some unions, but others are calling out for support.

While certain Texas politicians continue efforts to suppress voting, activists are fighting back by registering more voters. Although next year’s elections are the main focus, the November 2 election on amending the Texas constitution gives an important deadline for registering: Monday, October 4.

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