Progressive Speakers Bureau Begun

In late July, 2017, we began featuring qualified speakers that are available for presentations.

Mark York is the principal officer of the Dallas AFL-CIO. He is a long time activist with the Transport Workers Union at American Airlines. As head of the Dallas County labor movement, York has instituted policies of progressive outreach to civil rights, church, and community groups because he strongly believes that all working people must help one another.
Mark York's duties are extensive  and include evenings as well as daytime duties, but he tries to make himself available for every progressive group that needs his help. Contact Mark by email or at 214-826-4808.

Travis Cantwell of YALL
​Travis Cantwell is a leader of the Young Active Labor Leaders (YALL) organization in Dallas. He is a member of the Plumbers and Pipefitters union. Although he is comfortable with any labor topic, he particularly likes to talk about the importance of the youth movement. He is most available in the evenings.​Contact Travis by E-mail or call 

Sherron Roberts Molina is an officer of Communications Workers of America Local 6150 and leader of the Dallas Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women. She is both a union and a civil rights activist. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is most likely available in the evenings. Contact Sherron by E-mail or call  214 907-1971
Elaine Adkison at civil rights march
Elaine Adkison works with labor and legal experts to solve community problems concerning youthful offenders and veterans just leaving the military. She helps steer people into good union jobs instead of lifetimes of trouble.
She is a Criminal Justice (Legal Assistant) and History major from Stephen F. Austin State University with 18 years of hands-on legal experience. Her work history includes managing Democratic campaigns for candidates and for unions. Her passion is providing a voice for those who need an advocate. 

She is the Project Director for Project Phoenix, a collaboration between the Dallas AFL-CIO and Texas New Era Center. It is a comprehensive second chance program that works to provide union job opportunities to first-time, non-violent, felony probationers between the ages of 18 – 30. The program has recently expanded to include second career opportunities for Military Veterans.

Contact Elaine Adkison at 936.645.0349 or [email protected]


Gene Lantz is the President of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund. He also holds a number of offices within the labor movement in North Texas and is the longtime host of the ​"Workers Beat" radio program on KNON. He particularly likes to speak on labor history, labor culture, and organizing seniors.
As Gene Lantz is retired, he may be available daytimes or evenings. Contact Gene by E-mail or call 214-942-4236