The long process of screening political candidates continues. These Texas candidates are endorsed:

The Texas AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) Conference was over at noon on January 21. We heard major labor and political leaders speak.

Your information, not the bosses' information! Click here and let's work together!

The Dallas AFL-CIO has made its endorsements in the coming City Council races:

When the Texas legislature is in session, I feel like hiding. But Jessica Wolff came to the Dallas AFL-CIO with plans to fight back against every bit of reactionary legislation and to develop support for the positive bills. She will speak to the Dallas Central Labor Council on March 16, and she'll be back in Dallas several times this year. 

Beginning March 4, the Dallas AFL-CIO will begin a scientific process of choosing candidates to support in the May elections. This process has payed off for Dallas working families with some of the best political leaders anywhere.

Everything Is Underway or Being Planned!

If you missed the Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting on February 16, you can check the furious list of upcoming events below. Marches, rallies, pickets, and lobbying campaigns are being planned everywhere! Some of the events are beginning to cross over from protests to activities that actually affect the economy. The general strikes being called today are the first ones in America since 1947!

Dallas County Stands for Solidarity

Dallas County Commissioners Court

On February 7, after hearing from Dallas AFL-CIO Political Director Lorraine Montemayor and a host of religious and community leaders, the Dallas Commissioners Court voted 4-1 for a resolution welcoming everyone, including immigrants and refugees, to our county.

The Fight Gets Hotter

America's unions are facing unprecedented attacks.  As this is written, national AFL-CIO is working desperately to prevent the confirmation of anti-worker executive Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor. We're fighting efforts to create a national "right to work/scab" bill. We're fighting national and state efforts to undermine public sector unions. We're working against racist efforts to divide us with anti-immigrant/refugee Executive Actions.

The fight is on, and the current battlefield is Terminal D at DFW Airport.

1000 demonstrate at DFW -- photo by Elaine Lantz

Mark York: "We Will Not Be Divided!"

Together, working people have great power. Separately, not so much.

Immigration press conference