The long process of screening political candidates continues. These Texas candidates are endorsed:

The Texas AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) Conference was over at noon on January 21. We heard major labor and political leaders speak.

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As Hurricane Harvey and its remnants bring unprecedented flooding and damage to a huge portion of Texas, working people in the state are going above and beyond their duties to help one another.

“The outsized hearts and incredible stamina of working people help make our state the kind of place where the job of saving lives gets done right and where neighbors rush through danger to help neighbors. If Hurricane Harvey is a test, working people are passing it with flying colors.” - Texas AFL-CIO President John Patrick 

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In January, I was invited to serve on President Donald Trump’s manufacturing council, along with my boss, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. At the time, I was deputy chief of staff at the AFL-CIO (the largest federation of trade unions in America) and a spokesperson for the organization on trade, manufacturing, and economic policy. President Trumka and I agreed to serve because we believed — and still do — that working people should have a voice in crucial government decisions affecting their jobs, their lives, and their families.

Labor Day is upon us, and there's a lot you can do!

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Have you inivited your friends to buy a ticket for the Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast? One way you can do that is on social media. You can make a big contribution to "spreading the word" this way.

Labor Day Coming Fast

The Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast is the premier union event of the year and the kickoff for labor’s participation in the upcoming critical election year. There will be plenty of room and parking this year at Eddie Deen Ranch, 944 Lamar Street.

Tickets are $35 and sponsorships are needed. Contact Cindy Crofford at 214-826-4808 or Lewis Fulbright at 214-354-9516.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump stood in the lobby of his tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and again made excuses for bigotry and terrorism, effectively repudiating the remarks his staff wrote a day earlier in response to the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Our Day Is Coming

Tickets are on sale for the Dallas AFL-CIO annual Labor Day breakfast. Tables are going fast at $350 for 10 seats. The breakfast is the premier Labor Day event and the kickoff for labor's role in the critical coming elections.

Labor Day Leaflet

While we continue to defend against anti-union attacks, labor supporters learn more about current challenges and how to fight back.