Your Dallas labor movement intends to win the May 24 runoff elections. Organizer Marilyn Davis has scheduled door-to-door canvassing for Saturday, May 7.

North Texas labor has two picnics for International Workers Day on May 1. Tarrant celebrates 12-3PM at Randol Mill Park, 1901 W Randol Mill Rd in Arlington.

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Tax Giveaways and Budget Cuts Threaten

Eva Dominguez of ARA

Dallas labor wants power for working families, and power is decided in elections. The October 19 Central Labor Council meeting took up many issues and activities, but none is more important than our unified electoral work.

All affiliated union members are invited to the Dallas Central Labor Council Meeting

  • 7:30 PM, Third Thursday, October 19
  • 1408 N Washington, Dallas TX 75208
  • For more information: 214-826-4808

Everyone, union members or not, who is interested in working with labor is invited to the on-line meetings at 7 PM on Sunday evenings. Click this link:

"We advocate for the worker nobody wants to build a labor movement everyone wants"

~ Mark York, Dallas AFL-CIO

The Dallas AFL-CIO has cancelled its benefit golf tournament in the face of the Gulf Coast tragedy and political challenges at the national, state, and local level. Even before our October 19 Central Labor Council meeting, working families will be taking action on threats to our standard of living and our very existence.

Some 275 volunteers – pilots, mechanics, flight attendants and other workers – took off from Newark International Airport on October 4 on a union-sponsored relief mission to hurricane-smashed Puerto Rico, the AFL-CIO announced. Some 50 unionized registered nurses, members of National Nurses United, flew in from San Francisco the day before to join the mission.

The unionists headed for the island commonwealth, whose 3.4 million residents lack power, food, drinkable water and other resources, two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit.

Privatization Threatens Again

On September 29, Dallas AFL-CIO leaders Mark York and Lorraine Montemayor listened to members of the Dallas County School Board. They said that school transportation services are facing a privatization effort led by Republican State Senator Don Huffines of Garland. Huffines wants to dissolve the service after the November 7 election.

In a powerful illustration of the ability of grassroots activists to challenge corporate power, United Students Against Sweatshops, the nation’s leading student organization focused on issues of worker rights and economic justice, has just scored a crucial victory over the world’s biggest sports apparel and footwear brand: Nike.

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Working people are tired of hearing how tax giveaways for Wall Street billionaires and corporations will supposedly trickle down to the rest of us. Too many politicians and pundits want us to believe our country is broke, and we have no choice but to demand sacrifices from working people, yet they have no trouble finding trillions of dollars to waste on tax giveaways for people who do not need them. They want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education and infrastructure to pay for tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.