Volunteers will be visiting union members at their homes on Saturday.

Dallas labor will start early and stay late for the 2020 elections. Union activists will be screening dozens of candidates beginning at 8 AM on Saturday, January 11, at 1408 N Washington.

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Dallas AFL-CIO principal officer Mark York joined the Governor of Montana on the General Motors picket lines in Arlington on September 26. A special solidarity meeting was hosted by the UAW Area Retiree Council at UAW 848 in Grand Prairie on September 24. State Representative Terry Meza brought several cases of water. Some of the retirees and a younger member of ATU 1338, Tony Dahlin, then drove to Roanoke, Texas, to join strikers from a smaller General Motors union local.

The five-year fight to expand overtime pay to millions of workers is over.

Lorraine Birabil gained labor’s endorsement at the Cental Labor Council meeting on September 19. The discussion capped the end of a very thorough candidate screening process.  After the questionnaires and in-person interview, numerical scores were tabulated. Birabil scored highest by far. Delegates voted for Birabil unanimously. Many of them had known her for years because of her history of supporting labor’s issues. Most recently, for example, she had publicly taken a stand in favor of the union strike at General Motors.

A major topic of the Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting on the third Thursday, September 19, will be how to win the strike at General Motors.

Against the combined onslaught of corporations and government, the only way to win for working families is united solidarity. We are seeing more of it every day. On the first day of the strike, special solidarity planning meetings were held by the Young Active Labor Leaders, Tarrant County AFL-CIO, and UAW Area Retiree Council. All of them headed for the picket lines!

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has met with the head of the largest U.S. labor group, the AFL-CIO.

Lopez Obrador’s office said Wednesday he promised AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka that Mexico will enforce new, stricter labor laws. He also called for ratification of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement.

President Trump took to Twitter on Labor Day to attack AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, slamming him for his criticism of Trump’s trade deals. The AFL-CIO is the country’s largest coalition of more than 50 major unions and represents some 12.5 million American workers, from pilots to teachers.

Presidential candidates are going all out to win over working-class Americans.

The Dallas AFL-CIO encourages joining with the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU-CWA) in demanding justice after being cut from the budget by the last Texas legislative session.

TSEU action