Labor Day 2019 will be stronger than ever in North Texas.

 When working people are under attack, what do we do?

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As socialists look out at the horizon of the struggle for a radically reformed society, we should try, like good Marxists, to anticipate where and with whom conflicts are likely to arise and how we are going to deal with those challenges.

A year and a half later, sleepless but amped up on coffee and solidarity from a 29-hour marathon final bargaining session, I celebrated with the rest of the bargaining committee, made up of select union members who negotiated directly with the company, as the union and Vox Media management reached a contract agreement.

I had done a complete 180 on unions.

Dallas AFL-CIO activists and our friends from all over the country rallied August 13 in solidarity with airline catering workers from Sky Chef. The action took place at the palatial new headquarters of American Airlines.

Mark York and other speakers

North Texas working families are getting ready for a major union action on Tuesday, August 13. Why are so many organizations and individuals getting involved?

Sky Chef photo from Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

When retired USW member and Army veteran Jim Blank discovered Union Plus recently, he was pleasantly surprised to learn he could still benefit from its programs. He received a $1,000 Veteran’s Grant when he purchased a house for his daughter through the Union Plus Mortgage Program.

Democrats and organized labor aim to make Eugene Scalia, the pick to lead the Labor Department, a target in 2020 in hopes of testing President Trump’s support among rank-and-file union voters.

The president of the AFL-CIO labor federation spoke at a closed meeting with representatives from the entire field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates ahead of Wednesday’s

North Texas is seeing unprecedented levels of worker militancy and strategic organizing!

Federal Employees Will Rally

Come out at 11:30AM on August 8th to 1201 Elm Street in Dallas on behalf of union rights.

Jeanne Schulze