The Dallas AFL-CIO encourages joining with the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU-CWA) in demanding justice after being cut from the budget by the last Texas legislative session.

The Dallas AFL-CIO just had its best Labor Day breakfast ever! Jason Tomlinson, who worked with Lewis Fulbright to make the entire event happen, said that we had sold every ticket!

Your information, not the bosses' information! Click here and let's work together!

Labor Helps Set New Voting Records!

North Texas labor volunteers continue to help set new records as our final push continues through election day. Dallas AFL-CIO leader Mark York says that Political Director Lorraine Montemayor is doing a bang-up job!

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Dallas AFL-CIO Political Director Lorraine Moantemayor writes:

North Texans Set Hot Pace as Election Day Nears

Your Dallas AFL-CIO is knocking on doors, telephoning, preparing signs, and even demonstrating in the streets to win these critical elections  for working  families.  Our work is paying off with record voter turnout numbers. The New York Times says that Texas has been declared a “battleground” state.

Careful screening and analysis, plus decades of experience, give your labor movement the ability to pick out the best candidates for working people. A complete list of Texas endorsements is listed at

In North Texas, unionists are particularly committed to these districts:

District 105: Terry Meza

District 107: Victoria Neave

Labor Pushes Democracy!

Before early voting started on October 24, activists working with the AFL-CIO in North Texas had  already knocked on 2,500 doors and made thousands of phone calls!
Our Saturday mobilizations and phone banking events are drawing record participation.

Labor Victories Are Close

Brian Golden's campaign shirt was appreciated by Kara Sheehan and Lorraine Montemayor

Save Pensions in Dallas

Unite With Labor For Progressive Change

If you want positive change, work with labor. If you want better government officeholders, work with labor.

Labor Reaches Out

Join us for GOTV

The road to victory passes through a successful get-out-the-vote campaign. Your AFL-CIO is canvassing door-to-door and phone banking all union members. We will win elections and simultaneously strengthen our labor movement!