The Dallas AFL-CIO encourages joining with the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU-CWA) in demanding justice after being cut from the budget by the last Texas legislative session.

The Dallas AFL-CIO just had its best Labor Day breakfast ever! Jason Tomlinson, who worked with Lewis Fulbright to make the entire event happen, said that we had sold every ticket!

Your information, not the bosses' information! Click here and let's work together!

The regular third-Thursday meeting of the Dallas AFL-CIO on June 15 showed pride in our accomplishments and confidence in our future.

The power of working families is focused on election day, June 10, in Dallas. Your Central Labor Council will be throwing everything we can into winning. Join us at 10 AM, or as soon afterward as you can, for canvassing, phone banking, and whatever else we can think of. For information, contact Lorraine Montemayor at 214-826-4808.

As national and state politicians continue their unprecedented attacks against working families, Dallas labor and our allies declared ourselves ready to fight.

Neighborhood canvassing and phone banking continue at 10AM Saturday, June 3, from 1408 N Washington #240. Like most union people, we will observe the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Everyone is invited on June 3, no previous experience is necessary. Come on down!

We have to worry about NAFTA

At 10AM on Saturday, May 20, the Dallas labor movement begins the battle for people’s success on the June 10 runoff election.

In the Dallas elections on May 6, the big money and the establishment newspaper did everything they could think of against some of labor's endorsed candidates. It didn't work out well for them, but it did for us! 

Dallas AFL-CIO Political Director Lorraine Montemayor (at left in the photo) joined a news conference at City Hall on May 10. Here are her remarks:

Lorraine Montemayor (on left) at Dallas City Hall

These are times of intense politics and close races!

Kenneth Day and Al Djerla have been constant election workers

President Kenneth Day and A