The Dallas AFL-CIO, the very center of the progressive movement, will discuss strategies and make plans beginning at 7:30PM Thursday, June 20, at 1408 N Washington.

Environmentalists and democracy activists are asking Governor Abbott to veto House Bill 3557. This dangerous legislation may severely limit our right to protest.

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Strategic plans to advance working families were made at the January AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting on January 17.

Stop the Shutdown

Mark York at DFW rally

Eight hundred thousand workers. That is the number of government employees and contractors impacted by President Trump’s shutdown of the federal government. The average take home pay of impacted workers is around $500 per week, and any financial uncertainty is sure to cause stress and anxiety over how to make ends meet. Each day of this manufactured crisis, working families lose money for housing, healthcare and groceries — the essentials we need to get by.

Furloughed federal employees and out-of-work contractors greeted one another Thursday with a sarcastic nickname that, on the 20th day of a partial government shutdown, captured their feeling of powerlessness: “Hello, fellow pawns.”

They shouted it to one another over the brutal wind and bitter cold on Thursday in downtown Washington, where hundreds gathered to demand government leaders put an end to the shutdown and allow them to get back to work.

Government employees asked the Dallas AFL-CIO for help with the first anti-shutdown rally in Texas, and they got it! Jeanne Schulze, President of AFGE Local 1003, and Mark York, principal officer of Dallas AFL-CIO put together a dramatic public rally downtown on January 10. They organized major speakers and media coverage reaching hundreds of thousands.

Texas AFL-CIO Opposes Workforce Commission Proposal That Could Convert Some Gig Economy Workers Into ‘Marketplace Contractors’

The Texas AFL-CIO has formally opposed a pending rule that would give employers who conduct business via digital networks blanket authority to deny basic employment benefits to employees simply by calling them “marketplace contractors.” 

The Texas Workforce Commission voted to publish the rule proposal in December and could enact it later this month. 

Texas AFL-CIO: Communities Everywhere Being Harmed

With President Trump in Texas today for a pointless “photo opportunity,” the Texas AFL-CIO called for a resolution of the nearly three-week government shutdown that is harming not just 800,000 federal workers, but the entire nation.

Mark York of the Dallas AFL-CIO encourages turnout to end the government shutdown and to save local jobs. Important Dallas rallies take place Tuesday, January 8, and Thursday, January 10.

AFGE 1003 workers need help

Strength comes from working together. To respond to every challenge and opportunity, working families have to be connected. Please connect yourself and your friends.

Social Media 

The Dallas AFL-CIO Facebook Page picked up 97 new “likes” this week. When labor posts important information, an increasing number of people see it on their Facebook newsfeed. Social media brings us together. 30% of the people who visit our Facebook page take some kind of action in solidarity with working families.