Last Day for Early Voting

Early voting closes at 7PM today, July 10. The final runoff election date is July 14, 7AM to 7PM.

The fight is on for working families. Some of labor's highly-screened candidates face runoffs on July 14. The outcomes have long-term consequences.

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Much of the American workplace has shut down, sending millions of employees home to wait out the coronavirus pandemic.

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy issued this statement after the Texas Workforce Commission and Gov. Greg Abbott decided to waive waiting periods and work-search requirements for Texans who lose their jobs because of the coronavirus.
As more and more working people are sidelined by the coronavirus, the Texas AFL-CIO called on Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Workforce Commission to act immediately to remove unnecessary barriers to eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits.

President Rangel and President Elect Lopez along with our Trustees have decided to postpone the March Executive Board and General Membership meeting until further notice. We do not take these important temporary steps lightly.  We have a profound responsibility for the health and well-being of our staff, you our members and your families and wish all the best as we join together to try to help stop the spread of the pandemic.

Following Gov. Greg Abbott's Disaster Declaration, Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy today issued this statement on behalf of the state labor federation:

We are heartened that Gov. Greg Abbott has listened to medical experts and taken the necessary step of proclaiming a health-related disaster for the entire State of Texas.

The Texas AFL-CIO announced today its office would close to the public for two weeks beginning Monday, March 16, but the state federation would continue operations with officers and staff working remotely.
The Texas AFL-CIO today asked Gov. Greg Abbott to declare a public health emergency involving COVID-19 to broaden state resources to help sick and healthy Texans alike.

As the coronavirus threatens Texans, the Texas AFL-CIO today called on political and business leaders to take actions suggested by front-line union workers who face elevated risk of becoming ill.

"Texans looking to steer clear of the coronavirus and safeguard their families know that protecting working people protects communities," Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy, joined by representatives of several unions, said at a news conference.