National AFL-CIO has set June 3 as a National Day of Action.

The path to the presidency runs through the labor movement.

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“For all workers, the toll of COVID-19 infections and deaths is mounting and will increase even more rapidly as workers return to work without necessary safety and health protections,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka wrote in the letter, which listed dozens of members who have died from the virus. He faulted the agency for not doing more inspections, not issuing citations and releasing only voluntary coronavirus safety guidelines. “Without government oversight and enforcement, too many employers are disregarding safety and health standards,” he wrote.

Across America, the AFL-CIO is celebrating May 1st, International Workers Solidarity Day. Americans will host international labor leaders on-line at 10AM. Click to register. There are other on-line celebrations throughout the day.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 27, 2020 Contact: Kenneth Day, President ATU LU 1338 

Phone: (469) 855-0994 Email: kday [email protected] 

Labor takes sides on the life-and-death issues of the day.

Colonel Travis' line in the sand

This has been a month like no other in modern American history. We are in a war against an invisible virus that has required most people to stay home to fight it. With each day of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have grown increasingly grateful for things we used to take for granted, like grocery workers, without whom we could not meet our most basic needs. Parents have a new appreciation for how complex and demanding teaching is, and for how teachers are helping their children continue learning, stay engaged and stay safe inside during this uneasy time.

There is no longer anything routine about labor meetings. The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting of April 16 took up issues of the highest consequence:

Even though the pandemic is disrupting almost everything else, the Dallas AFL-CIO has never missed a meeting! Our April 16 Central Labor Council will begin at 7:30PM as always. The only difference is that we will be on line. 

Agenda items will include these:

The Dallas labor movement joins our community allies and progressive city leaders in our mutual disgust toward Texas state government and malicious businessmen who coaxed a federal judge into overturning the Dallas Paid Sick Leave ordinance.