The November 18 meeting of the Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council revealed that labor is in an unprecedented activity boom.

The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council will meet "In Real Life" at 7:30PM on Thursday, November 18, at 1408 N Washington. All members of affiliated unions are invited.

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Canvassers 042217

Dallas labor's April 21 meeting revealed big successes in organizing, legal action, elections, and recognition from other leading unionists.

The Dallas Area Christian Progressive Alliance holds an annual Good Friday march through downtown Dallas. They had a good crowd for 2017.

The Dallas AFL-CIO Wishes you the Very best Easter weekend

april 22: Raffles, Fun, Drinks, Snacks - Tailgating

tailgating fun

On the evening of April 8, on the top floor of the library of University of Texas at Arlington, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the largest labor history archives west of the Mississippi.

Dr Green and Thomas Cannaday

Jerrell Miller of the Communications Workers and Coalition of Black Trade Unionists gives us information on the NAACP's candidate selection process in Arlington.

The Dallas Mega March of April 8, 2017 had broader goals than the pro-immigrant march of 2006.

The march covered the street and took almost an hour to pass

Workers Will Make the Difference in Local Elections

Working families begin canvassing and phone banking operations at 9AM April 8th in the parking lot at 1408 N Washington. Everybody invited!