The long process of screening political candidates continues. These Texas candidates are endorsed:

The Texas AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) Conference was over at noon on January 21. We heard major labor and political leaders speak.

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The picket line has been crowded lately. Tens of thousands of workers are on strike, including nurses in Massachusetts, United Auto Workers at John Deere, coal miners in Alabama, metal workers in West Virginia, hospital workers in New York, ironworkers in Pennsylvania and Kellogg’s workers in four states.

Workers at companies like Kellogg’s, Nabisco and John Deere have hit the picket lines in recent weeks hoping to get a better deal from their employers. A new survey suggests the public by and large supports them.

The AFL-CIO labor federation commissioned the progressive pollster Data for Progress to take the public’s temperature on the strikes that have made headlines this summer and fall. The online survey of nearly 1,300 likely voters asked if they “approve or disapprove of employees going on strike in support of better wages, benefits, and working conditions.”

The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council held a ZOOM meeting on the third Thursday, October 21. President Ray Oliver Edmondson guided the delegates through four important motions:

* Carrying out voter registration activities

* Endorsing Brandon Murden for Mesquite City Council District 6  

* Supporting the Medicare for All Resolution

* Supporting the Labor in the Philippines Resolution

Marcial Reyes could have just quit his job. Frustrated with chronic understaffing at the Kaiser Permanente hospital where he works in Southern California, he knows he has options in a region desperate for nurses.

Instead, he voted to go on strike.

And many of them are either hitting the picket lines or quitting their jobs as a result.

The changing dynamics of the US labor market, which has put employees rather than employers in the driver's seat in a way not seen for decades, is allowing unions to flex their muscle.

“Solidarity Brother” Tevita Uhatafe was interviewed on national television as he visited yet another American picket line. He told NBC News, “We’re fighting for everybody.” Tevita is a member of our labor council and Transport Workers Union Local 513. On the weekly labor podcasters meeting, Tevita was referred to as "That guy who shows up at every picket line."

 Volunteer soldiers are needed as labor’s battles heat up. Become a rapid responder with Dallas AFL-CIO by clicking here. Solidarity is helping create  improved contracts for some unions, but others are calling out for support.

While certain Texas politicians continue efforts to suppress voting, activists are fighting back by registering more voters. Although next year’s elections are the main focus, the November 2 election on amending the Texas constitution gives an important deadline for registering: Monday, October 4.