The long process of screening political candidates continues. These Texas candidates are endorsed:

The Texas AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) Conference was over at noon on January 21. We heard major labor and political leaders speak.

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Do Dallas activists appreciate the relationship between our problems and the need to organize working families? If they do, they will surely join the Dallas AFL-CIO’s effort to win the current elections and unify our progressive movement. Contact Political Director Mariah Warwick and find out just how easy it is to make a major difference!

Voting has begun in the 2021 local elections. A good turnout would help affirm democracy at a time when it is clearly under assault. Your labor movement entreats you to join the Good Guys in the fight. Contact [email protected] for instructions and any training you might need.

Once activists begin helping, they may often set their own schedules.

Lisa Pedersen of Revere, Massachusetts, has been a United Steelworkers (USW) member for 34 years. As “the first girl in [her] area” when she started as a gas leak investigator and repair person for the National Grid, Pedersen is used to being a leader. She is now a “working leader” at the National Grid, and her union loyalty and leadership instincts have particularly shone during the past couple of years.

Today, the AFL-CIO and GBAO released a nationwide poll of registered voters that found more than three-quarters of Americans support workers’ efforts to organize a union at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. The findings come days after voting closed in the organizing drive and demonstrate a significant rise in public support.

Easter inspires renewed hope. Things are looking up in America, and we can thank the labor movement and others who have worked hard in progressive politics. Without those efforts, we wouldn’t be seeing:

Voting rights are under attack in the Texas Legislature. Labor and other progressives are mobilizing around the state. Many of us attended a livestreamed event at Democratic Party Headquarters, next door to CWA 6215, on March 24. There, we were reminded that voting rights is very much a civil rights issue.

“This suite of target date CIT funds is a welcome addition to the lineup of financial products which carry the AFL-CIO name,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “Defined benefit plans remain the bedrock of a secure retirement. However, the Labor Movement’s philosophy that all Americans are entitled to retire with dignity and financial security dictates that we must also ensure that defined contribution investors’ interests are protected. This product provides a cost-effective solution that brings this proposition to life.

“Millions of workers still do not have the strong COVID-19 protections they need to be safe at work. Marty Walsh’s strong leadership will be needed to urgently issue a strong, comprehensive OSHA COVID-19 emergency temporary standard to set workplace safety rules, accompanied by strong enforcement to ensure workers are protected,” said Rebecca Reindel, the AFL-CIO’s safety and health director. Reindel said new rules and strong enforcement are “essential to President Biden’s promise to protect workers from COVID-19.”