The November 18 meeting of the Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council revealed that labor is in an unprecedented activity boom.

The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council will meet "In Real Life" at 7:30PM on Thursday, November 18, at 1408 N Washington. All members of affiliated unions are invited.

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“Solidarity Brother” Tevita Uhatafe was interviewed on national television as he visited yet another American picket line. He told NBC News, “We’re fighting for everybody.” Tevita is a member of our labor council and Transport Workers Union Local 513. On the weekly labor podcasters meeting, Tevita was referred to as "That guy who shows up at every picket line."

 Volunteer soldiers are needed as labor’s battles heat up. Become a rapid responder with Dallas AFL-CIO by clicking here. Solidarity is helping create  improved contracts for some unions, but others are calling out for support.

While certain Texas politicians continue efforts to suppress voting, activists are fighting back by registering more voters. Although next year’s elections are the main focus, the November 2 election on amending the Texas constitution gives an important deadline for registering: Monday, October 4.

Ready for some good news at last?

Twenty years ago today, on a Sunday afternoon in Brookwood, Alabama, 32 coal miners descended 2,000 feet below the ground into the Jim Walter Resources Blue Creek No. 5 Mine for a routine maintenance check.

Flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport recently, I spotted the ramp workers on the tarmac, busily unloading bags and doing safety checks on the plane in 115 degree heat. Most passengers were anxious to deplane, ready to head to baggage claim, not giving a second thought to the work happening all around them to make their journey happen.

Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar attended the Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting on September 16. “Things can change by the minute,” was how he characterized the situation in Texas for working families.

Leonard Aguilar

Who benefits when we fight each other? Certain politicians. Certain politicians try to line up support for their own power grabs. To them, we are just cannon fodder. In a wider view, corporate America benefits by every division among us workers and retirees.