Working Families in Combat!

The AFL-CIO is leading American working families as we combat the worst series of crises we have ever faced. The next National Day of Action is June 3, when we will lead “Workers First” caravans calling for implementation of America’s Five Economic Essentials and passage of the HEROES Act. The Act that was passed in the U.S. House addresses all of America’s main economic problems: 

  • Keep America healthy—protect and expand health insurance for all workers.
  • Keep workers employed and protect earned pension checks.
  • Keep state and local governments, our public schools and the U.S. Postal Service solvent and working.
  • Keep front-line workers safe and secure.
  • Keep America competitive—hire people to build infrastructure.

While unemployment is at unprecedented highs, our enemies in government and big business are making it worse. Locally, big employers like AT&T and American Airlines are threatening even more layoffs! Call your senators at 866-832-1560!

Battle Now!

Dallas Activist Liz Wally has already called for a car caravan at 10:30AM Saturday, May 23. She writes: "The message on the signs should be very short and NO negative one - we are trying to convince the Republicans to vote FOR the HEROES ACT - #ProtectOurVote, Vote FOR HEROES ACT,  SUPPORT Post Office, CALL CORNYN 202-2242934." Contact Liz Wally for rendezvous details: [email protected]

Organize with Labor

American labor holds important meetings almost every day. Local leaders at the Dallas AFL-CIO meeting on May 22 reflected the same general concerns as leaders in the rest of the nation. They begin with an assessment of how hard the crisis is hitting their members and how the union is coping. They then add more general statements about how their unions are helping the non-union people in their industry. Next comes their assessment of future needs and how everyone can help everyone else through the worst series of crises we have ever seen. Many of the tales are epic.

Kym Grant

At the Dallas level, one of our main heroines is Kym Grant of the Doctor’s Guild. She has helped thousands of workers obtain PPE that their employers were too greedy to provide. We also acknowledged the three heroic young labor leaders who, in the middle of a pandemic, completed an extensive course of training with the Ruth Ellinger school of the Texas AFL-CIO.

Labor is not concerning itself exclusively with working families’ immediate needs, but is also battling on major social issues such as our democratic rights.

Labor Election Coming

Dallas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Mark York has announced his retirement effective in August. He cited personal reasons. The June, July, and August meetings will focus on his replacement. York is the only full-time elected leader of a Central Labor Council in Texas. He will be missed!

Vote by Mail

After a long Central Labor Council meeting on May 21, several activists remained on-line to make a video endorsement for the right to vote in Texas. The short videos will appear on the Dallas AFL-CIO Facebook page with hopes that they will be shared. If we do not get vote-by-mail for all Texans, the pandemic is sure to wound our democracy.

More endorsements will be collected at a special on-line meeting at 4 PM Saturday, May 23. Contact [email protected] to participate. This fight against anti-democratic forces is expected to continue through November. The HEROES Act would fund vote-by-mail.

Should You Forward Labor’s Messages?

The answer is no. Forwarding mass e-mails hampers communications by activating spam sensors around the internet. It is far better to cut and paste selected messages into one’s own e-mails. Getting your friends to “like” labor’s social media platforms is also a major contribution to amassing labor’s army for the good fight.

You can recruit more activists by asking them to sign up as a labor activist.

More Actions Coming Up

May 23, 10:45A: Car Caravan supporting the HEROES Act and vote-by-mail. Contact Liz Wally: [email protected]

May 23, 4P: On-Line meeting to gather personal endorsements for vote-by-mail and democracy in Texas. Contact [email protected]

May 25, 5P: Texas AFL-CIO “Live at Five” News on Facebook 

May 26, 10:30A: Labor Action Group and UAW Area Retiree Council meet on-line. Contact [email protected]

May 27: Jane Elkins was hanged in Dallas in 1853

 Jun 3: National Action Day to pass the HEROES Act. Search for actions near you

 Jun 20: Poor People's Campaign is planning a virtual Moral March on Washington

Help Labor win