Whose Religion Is It?

The Dallas Area Christian Progressive Alliance holds an annual Good Friday march through downtown Dallas. They had a good crowd for 2017.

Good Friday marchers

The Bible is quite clear on refugees and foreigners

They carry signs that show stark contrasts between the Bible and common politics today. All through the two-mile procession, they ask onlookers, "Is this what Jesus would have wanted? Are nativism, jingoism, homophobia, chauvinism, racism, and poverty characteristics of Jesus' teaching? Is someone misusing Christianity?"

The group stopped along the way to hear short sermonettes from a diverse list of preachers such as Kerry Smith, Neil Cazares-Thomas, and longtime civil rights leader Peter Johnson.

Peter Johnson delivers a short sermon

Rev. Peter Johnson says that Black lives do not matter in the U.S.

Rev. Johnson will discuss "Is the right wing hijacking Christianity?" on the Workers Beat program on KNON.org and 89.3FM at 9 AM Saturday, April 25. 

It is probably no coincidence that the progressive Christians marched through the plaza of the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Their pastor, Robert Jeffress, seems to represent an entirely different kind of Christianity. As they passed through the church courtyard, the group sang,

"There are no doors in the kingdom

There are no walls guarding love

We are the people of Jesus Christ

Living as pardon for all"


You can't go wrong if you get involved with working families and the Dallas AFL-CIO.