"Heckzapoppin" in Labor!

The November 18 meeting of the Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council revealed that labor is in an unprecedented activity boom.

Candidates are converging in preparation for the January 20-21 Texas AFL-CIO political conference in Round Rock. Top speakers at the CLC were Royce West for State Senator, Mike Collier for Lieutenant Governor, and Phillip Kingston for County Commissioner. All three have been wholeheartedly endorsed before. Senator West told Lewis Fulbright, “If you need me Lewis, as I’ve told you over and over again, let me know.” Any candidate seeking Dallas labor’s support may fill in a quick form.

Royce West and Mike Collier

Good Times

Dallas and Tarrant County labor will join together in a Holiday Drive. Contact Sister Mariah Warwick.

Principal officer Lewis Fulbright asked the Council to approve a $100 donation to the “Workers Beat” labor talk show on KNON radio. Brother Travis Cantwell bumped it up to $200, and the motion passed.

Our December 16 meeting is proposed as a Christmas party at a nearby restaurant and bar. Free refreshments, our Holiday Drive, and a White Elephant auction will be featured.

Union Jobs Available

Good union jobs are starting to come available as the pandemic tapers off and pro-labor government policies begin to take effect. IATSE leader Gregg Perlman announced that their long-hard pandemic jobs drought is over. They are hiring more people to help with TV, film, and live shows. That same day, national IATSE communicators discussed their big union contract victory in national TV and film work.

George Sowan  told the November Council meeting that he is  going to every single high school and community college in the greater Dallas area to recruit hundreds of young people into good-paying union apprenticeship programs.

Retiree Power Grows

Retiree leader Judy Bryant received her award that had been announced on-line. She said that a new chapter is being chartered in West Fort Worth and that retirees are very active statewide. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is working to energize or re-energize all senior organizations.

Judy Bryant receives her award


Retired teacher Tony Chenevert told the Council that Alliance/AFT leaders were, at that moment, at a Dallas School Board meeting advocating a retention bonus. George Rangel announced the victory later that evening. The retention bonus will be a minimum of $2,500 for every employee with a satisfactory evaluation who returns in 2022-2023!

Also at the same time as our Council meeting, the U.S. House of Representatives was passing the Build Back Better Bill. It is the largest pro-worker legislation in America since the 1930s!

Organizing Continues

The Young Active Labor Leaders plan a get-together at Mariachi’s Dine-In, 5724 Locke Ave in Fort Worth at 7PM on November 19.

Jeanne Schulze said that her union is fighting hard to keep a unit of the Environmental Protection Agency in Houston instead of being sent to a small town in Oklahoma.  She asks all activists to sign their petition

Sister Mariah Warwick and several other speakers talked about the importance of winning the Beaumont refinery workers’ fight against Exxon-Mobile. The big oil company locked out 650 workers on May 1 and continues to try to starve them into submission. An effort to destroy the local union entirely is underway. Meanwhile, the company is asking for a big taxpayer handout. The Steelworkers ask everyone to sign their petition. The Texas AFL-CIO is collecting donations for the Steelworkers.

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Nov 19, 7P: YALL Happy Hour at Mariachi’s Drive-In, 5724 Locke Ave in Fort Worth

Nov 20: Memorial at Main & Akard in downtown Dallas for 1910 lynch victim

Dec 1, 11A: Dallas Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans restaurant luncheon. Contact Judy Bryant

Dec 3: Next possible government shutdown

Dec 8, 11A-3P and 5:30P-8:30P: Communications Workers Annual Holiday Dinner will benefit North Texas Food Bank

Dec 11: Scheduled Christmas recess for Congress

Dec 13: Filing deadline for 2022 elections