Fight on Every Front

The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting on September 17 committed to fighting on every front to win the elections. Funds were voted for mailing to union members throughout the county. They will receive the list of union-endorsed candidates that is on our web site. Active and retired members are beginning texting parties, literature drops, and phone banking.

Join us for phone banking 

Communications Workers Local 6215 is organizing an Early Voting Rally for 10 AM on October 13 at 600 Commerce in downtown Dallas. Our political program is under the leadership of Sister Mariah Warwick of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Everyone needs to sign up to help.

Retirees Die for Social Security

On September 16, elderly activists from the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans “died” on the sidewalk near the downtown Federal Building. They carried signs that said “Save Social Security,” “Save Medicare,” and “Dump Trump or Die!”

AFL-CIO leader Lewis Fulbright was among the dead and dying

The Trump Administration has cut off funding for Social Security and Medicare, and the President has announced his intention to continue until all the money is gone if he is re-elected. Experts believe that the trust fund will expire by mid 2023. Social Security is the main source of income for the majority of American retirees, and nearly all of them get Medicare.

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans will benefit from an on-line fund raiser at 6PM on September 25, the 80th birthday of Gene Lantz. A younger man, Lewis Fulbright, will also celebrate his birthday. The youngest state AFL-CIO President, Kooper Caraway of South Dakota, will speak.

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Sep 21, (and every Monday) 5P: “Live at 5” on Texas AFL-CIO Facebook page

Sep 23, 6P: Mobilize to win the election. Volunteer at

Sep 24: Day of action for increased unemployment pay and hazard pay. Contact Restaurant Workers Association

Sep 25, 6P: South Dakota AFL-CIO President Kooper Caraway speaks on Facebook.  Lewis Fulbright and Gene Lantz birthday donations to the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans  

Sep 30: Deadline for filling out the census

Sep 30: CARES Act Funds run out for aviation workers. CWA asks that we call our senators to save jobs

Oct 5: Last day to register to vote

Oct 13, 10A: Rally for early voting at 600 Commerce in downtown Dallas 

Oct 13: Early voting until Oct 30

Oct 23: Last day to get in applications for vote-by-mail ballots

November 3 - Election Day